Julie Miles

Contact Information

Location: Fort Severn

Email: juliecmiles3@gmail.com


Julie is a part-time trapper and takes care of her elderly mother. She enjoys photography and cares deeply about her community.

Past Work:

My Life As A Trapper - http://www.wawataynews.ca/archive/all/2013/9/25/my-life-trapper-northern-ontario_25068 Caribou Hunt An Annual Tradition in Fort Severn – http://www.wawataynews.ca/archive/all/2013/9/25/caribou-bull-hunt-annual-tradition-fort-severn_25064 Elder uses skills to clean caribou head - http://www.wawataynews.ca/archive/all/2013/10/15/elder-uses-skills-clean-caribou-head_25100 SAGATAY – Community profile, Winter 2014 with photos